Vaping can
affect your game.

Get the facts about vaping.


You are
being targeted.

Get the facts about vaping.


Vaping is not

Get the facts about vaping.

Think vaping is no big deal? Think it’s harmless? Think again.

Vaping creates a “vapour” that contains up to 31 chemicals that can affect your lungs,
including nicotine which is addictive.

Know the Risks

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Just water vapour?

Lung Health

Vaping and Your Brain

Lungs and Sports

Nicotine Addiction

You’re a Target


Vaping – is it Harmless?

Vaping creates a “vapour” that’s not harmless. This vapour can contain harmful chemicals, including nicotine; ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs; flavouring; and heavy metals such as nickel, tin, and lead. It is certainly not just water “vapour.” Best to keep these out of your lungs.

Is vaping addictive?

Most vape juice contains nicotine, which is very addictive. Vaping nicotine can lead to addiction and physical dependence. Some signs of nicotine addiction may include feeling like you really need to vape; feeling anxious or irritable if you want to vape but can’t and continuing to vape because you find it hard to stop.

Is vaping more harmful to youth than adults?

Yes. We know that our brains are not fully developed until we are in our mid 20s, and nicotine that’s found in vape juice can affect our growing brain.

How does vaping mess with my brain?

Nicotine affects the parts of your brain that helps you focus and learn, your mood, and how you control your impulses. Each time you create a new memory or learn a new skill, stronger connections – or synapses – are built between your brain cells. Young people’s brains build synapses faster than adult brains. Nicotine changes the way these synapses are formed.

Can vaping affect my athletic performance?

Young people who vape may experience shortness of breath. Vaping can expose you to particles and chemicals you don’t want in your lungs. This can make it harder to breathe and may cause ear, eye and throat irritation. Vaping can hold you back from being your best out there.

Why does vape juice come in different flavours?

Vape juice comes in thousands of flavours, making them appealing to users of all ages, especially youth.

Can I get help to stop vaping?

Because vape juice may contain nicotine, which is addictive, it can be difficult to stop vaping. There is help available at the Newfoundland and Labrador Smokers’ Helpline. or call 1-800-363-5864

Can I get help to stop vaping?

Because vape juice may contain nicotine, which is addictive, it can be difficult to stop vaping. There is help available.

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